How to make ItemList Selected image on top of the item

Godot Version



Im trying to make a menu with ItemList where i can select items with green frame. I add items to list with code in runtime. This frame for some reason renders under the items. How to make it to render on top of items? Thank you

Have you already tried these settings? Hard to say without a GdScript example, there are certainly more solutions.

Yeah, my bad, i forgot to mention that green frame is actualy default selection frame of ItemList, just changed it texture - so there is no custom code to handle that render logic

I’ve tried those parameters, but they affect the whole ItemList, not the items or frame themselves :C

so you wanted it to be a whole green rectangle over this icon/item?

like this?

yeah! But i thought it could be made with standart built-in selection frame of ItemList without code, without additional creating and deleting nodes :C

not always built in is the way, custom might be better and fit what you needed.
but i got an idea, to stack 2 itemlist ontop of each other, so higher one will always be covering whole tile

mind that this will eat more resources as you will need to copy the whole itemlist and its icons but now a blank texture with the right pixel