How to make many enemies don't stack together in Godot4?, please help

I’m trying to make 2 RayCasts2D to check, but my coding skills are kinda bad so it lags alot and also doesn’t work well

In this picture, there’re a few Slimes stacked on top of each other, i just need to move circle around them and they will be stacked like that

I want to make it like this, so no matter where i go, it’ll not be stacked on top of each other


func Move(delta):
	if( != null):
		if(currentHealth > 0):
			if rayCasts.get_child(0).is_colliding() == false:
				direction = - global_position
				if rayCasts.get_child(1).is_colliding() == false:
					direction = rayCasts.get_child(1).target_position
					rayCasts.get_child(1).rotation_degrees = rayCasts.get_child(1).rotation_degrees + directionIncreaseRayCast
					if rayCasts.get_child(1).rotation_degrees >= maxDirectionIncreaseRayCast:
						direction = - global_position

			rayCasts.get_child(0).rotation = direction.angle()	

			if (direction.length() > attackRange):
				global_position += direction.normalized() * delta * speed


Hey there,
i dont work much with Raycasts, but as is looks, your enemy has a lot Raycasts. But why dont you just place a cone oder a circle collider in front of the eyes. (I develop mobile games, so i stay away from Raycaysts). Inside the viewsiegt area you can place another area2d for the attack range check. I never had problems with this kind of collision. Even on low end devices.

Maybe its a try worth. :slight_smile:

If this is no option for you, try to reduce the number of Raycasts.

Are there more than one enemy on the map? (Maybe out of sight)

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I fixed it, actually kinda easy, if 2 enemies collide, I just make them go the opposite way of each other and remove all the ray casts

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