How to prevent FileDialog confirm under certain conditions

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Here is a simple example of my code, which opens up a load file dialog in Godot editor plugin.

func _enter_tree():
        //bla bla bla other code setting up UI for Editor Plugin

        //showing the dialog:
        var fDialog =
	fDialog.file_mode = FileDialog.FILE_MODE_OPEN_FILE
	fDialog.set_filters(["*png, *jpg"])
	fDialog.file_selected.connect( load_file )

func load_file (path):
        var loadedTexture = load( path )
        if loadedTexture.get_height() % 96 == 0 and loadedTexture.get_width() % 64 == 0:
              print( "file size is incorrect" );

my issue is that when the user pushes “open” button, the fileDialog closes. if the size of the file being opened is not what I want, I print a debug message… but I want to PREVENT the dialog from closing. I am ok with printing the error message, but want to only close the dialog if the conditions are met. is this possible?
fileDialog inherits from AcceptDialog… so I imagine I can disable the OK button with a flag… but still get if it is clicked?? will I still load the file if conditions are met? anyways not sure how to do this or if possible…

There may be another way to do this. It’s kinda possible in a hacky way.

extends Node

@onready var file_dialog = $FileDialog

func _ready():
	# Get the already connected confirmed signal Callable (the internal one)
	var original_callable = file_dialog.confirmed.get_connections()[0].get('callable')
	# Disconnect it
	# Connect our confirmed signal one
		var filepath = file_dialog.current_path
		var file = file_dialog.current_file
		print("Button pressed with %s" % filepath)
		if not file.begins_with('clipped_'):
			# If the file does not begins with 'clipped_' do nothing
			print('Not a clipped one')
			# Else, call the original Callable so it can do the FileDialog validations
		print('Selected %s' % file)

Basically, get the internal confirmed signal connection Callable that the engine has, disconnect it, and connect our own which will do some validation before calling that Callable if the validation passes.


thanks I will try this. its seems to be a clever fix. its not a huge issue for me because I am ok with the dialog closing and print a message.

something that is more troublesome for me is the inability to get the where in the editor I clicked.
i made a post about it here if you could help me:

basically when I click anywhere in the editor it registers the click but i only want it to do so in the 3D scene view.