How to prototype a game

Godot Version



Hi everyone this is my first post and I just wanted to know how to prototype a game like what to add and what not add. Every help will be appreciated.

you are asking a very general question. You need to start working on the idea and you will have a prototype. If everything works the way you need it to, you’ll go into production.


Depends on what you’re asking, if you mean “what do I need to see if I can make this game in Godot” then you need to figure out your game mechanics and implement them, if you mean “what do I need to include in a prototype to show off my project” then that depends on what you want to convey, if you mean “what do I need to add to a test demo to see if it works in testing” that depends on your project

So first question is:
What do you mean by a “prototype”