How to remove a node on ready via removechild?

Godot Version

4.2.1 stable


i’m trying to remove the node “wands” via remove_child whenever the game starts so that i can call it later and make it appear back but using remove child just doesn’t remove it, using queue free does remove it but i don’t think i can call it later if use that

remove_child removes a child of the node that you call it on, so you need to call it on the parent of the node you want to remove. You can use get_parent() to get the parent, so try something like:

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hey, thanks for the help
i added the get parent part so that it’s now func
but the node is still here when i launch the project

I tested it myself, and got this error message:

E 0:00:01:0340 @ _ready(): Parent node is busy adding/removing children, remove_child() can’t be called at this time. Consider using remove_child.call_deferred(child) instead.

So I tried the suggested solution


And that appears to work. What call_deferred does, as far as I understand it, is wait until there’s some idle time (in between frames and such), and call the function then.

thanks that worked !

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