How to run python with OS.execute_with_pipe function?

Godot Version

Godot 4.3.0 beta-1 windows


This is code adapted from #89206’s example, which only modifies the program that is executed, but it is now completely useless, and it does not write any characters in the TextEdit.

extends Control

var pipe
var thread

func _ready():
	var info = OS.execute_with_pipe("python.exe", [])
	pipe = info["stdio"]
	thread =

func _thread_func():
	while pipe.is_open() and pipe.get_error() == OK:

func _add_char(c):
	$TextEdit.text += c
	$TextEdit.scroll_vertical = $TextEdit.get_v_scroll_bar().max_value

func _on_line_edit_text_submitted(new_text: String) -> void:
	var cmd = new_text + "\n"
	var buffer = cmd.to_utf8_buffer()
	$LineEdit.text = ""

func clean_func():

Here is the scene tree:
屏幕截图 2024-06-08 204003
How can I make it correct?

OS.execute_with_pipe("cmd.exe", ["/c","python.exe" ])

It doesn’t work yet.

OS.execute_with_pipe("cmd.exe", ["/c", "python.exe"])

There is also a stderr is it throwing an error that you can’t see?

Not at all. There’s nothing in stderr

I think interactive python command line doesn’t use normal stdio, this code works for other programs.

but if you run a python script it works fine

I’m having issues running the code as well on Linux.

Ive made my comments on github. Seems the execute command does not return a valid pipe.

Thank you very much.

Use subprocess instead of os.execute_with_pipe to run Python scripts. Example:

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import subprocess;[‘python’, ‘’], capture_output=True)

Btw I’m also on Linux. I was only able to capture python interactive shell to file with 3> or &>, meaning it’s some of its output is not on stdio. If I tried to do a redirect to stdio In Godot with something like 3>&1 it still wouldn’t capture the python shell output, but it would crash the game if you did an input.

Hi, I have it working on Linux, though not sure what was causing all my problems before. If anyone wants download attached project. I am using bash as the shell.
When you run it, you can type a command in the LineEdit box and press Enter. E.g. type something pwd or ls. I also tried ping works but no way to break out of it (ie ctrl-c does now work). Pretty cool though.

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I had the same result with bash and sh, but the original post was trying to use the python shell, which doesn’t use the standard streams, I have only confirmed this by using Linux redirects greater then the stderr stream.