How to set texture sampling filter without using Texture2DParameter

Godot Version



Hello, I’ve been trying to make a VisualShader that creates seamless textures by mixing two texture images and using noise for the weight. It all works perfectly, only that I also need the final texture to have a “nearest” sampling filter so it looks pixelated.

The only way I’ve found so far is by setting the Texture2Ds to be SamplerPorts, taking in a Texture2DParameter that takes in the texture image as a parameter. But I’d like to not have to manually insert the texture file parameter from outside the shader, and instead just have it hardcoded from within it instead, since I’ll be making plenty of these as unique shaders for different materials.

So in other words: how can I have the equivalent of a Texture2D (Texture) node that lets me change its sampling filter? Or alternatively, how to set the sampling filter of the entire final texture?