How to simulate a liquid pouring out of the bottle?

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So, this is our situation: we are trying to replicate the drinks making mechanic from the game “The red strings club”. To explain it shortly, player picks up a bottle and pours a drink into the glass by tilting it. Every drink has its own “effect”. We did almost everything, but the way we made liquid is not very effective. We tried to use particle system for this and realized that we have no idea how to count the amount of particles that got into the glass.
Maybe, to do this we properly, need to go another way about making this mechanic, so we would like to hear out some of your ideas on how to make it another way or improve the way we did it.
Also some screenshot for you to look at:

I just went to see the game you referenced on YouTube. I don’t think it’s a real water simulation. Its a probably just sprite animation for the water from the bottle and a shader/sprite animation for the water in the cup.

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Oh, okay, thanks!!