How to start a big project?

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I have a new uniquegame idea but I don’t know how to start this project.
I know what the gameplay is, I designed some characters in my mind, and also I have the story.
But I don’t know how to start making it? I know how to use godot. I mean which part of the game should I start? Should I start from drawing sprites or building mechanics of the game? Should I make devlogs about it? If I should which one is better? Youtube or devlogs?
Pls help me about this.

It is best to start with the mechanics. Sprites and other designs are created after finishing a mechanic. For example, the character design is created after the movement. To create marketing for the game: YES, it is advisable to create a devlog, such as or YouTube. Good luck.

Divide it into two, and then divide it again. Divide it so many times until you can actually finish a small part. Then you can think what to do next.

Make a devlog about it. I did.

Even for a game like undertale? Which everything is about the story?

Here’s a simple project management method for solo developers that you can take a look at. I also suggest figuring out a way to keep track of tasks - could be something like a trello board, or just writing it down in a notebook or on some post-it notes.

Some people like to have a game design document - the length and level of detail of these can vary a lot. In my opinion they become significantly more useful if you’re working in a team, where everybody needs to be working towards the same vision, because the GDD’s job is to explain that vision as clearly as possible.

I suggest starting with the core mechanics and figuring out if those are fun. A very useful piece of advice I got when I was a completely new game dev was “make a toy before you make a game” - that is, before story, before winning or losing and all that, you should have mechanics that are just fun to play with. A ball is a toy, soccer or basketballs are games that use a ball. So work on your core game mechanics until they become a fun toy, and then turn it into a game.