How would I set up Remote Actors using the Built In Multiplayer?

Godot Version

4.2 RC1


Hey, I’m working on a VR Multiplayer game. I have 2 types of players, a Desktop Observer player and a XR player. These 2 players are set up the exact same Name and Node Tree Wise, the only difference being the node type. I have a Remote Actor scene that copies the Node Tree and Node Names, but the node types are different. I have MultiplayerSyncronizers set up plus I do set the multiplayer_authority to be correct when the Remote Actor gets added to the scene tree BUT the node positions refuse to sync + This error gets spammed;

E 0:00:36:0919   on_sync_receive: Ignoring sync data from non-authority or for missing node.
  <C++ Error>    Condition "true" is true. Continuing.
  <C++ Source>   modules/multiplayer/scene_replication_interface.cpp:879 @ on_sync_receive()

I set the multiplayer authority properly on all of the scenes, but it still gets spammed. Any ideas? I can push my code out to my git repo if you need me to.

Nevermind, apparently I broke my code somehow to make it just not work altogether. I can’t understand what I did to break it nor can I regress because I wasn’t keeping a proper git log. Can someone take a look at my repo to hopefully tell me what I did wrong?
I haven’t changed much about my netcode, just made things properly sync on the client, BUT even after setting the multiplayer authority and making sure the nodes spawn correctly, I get the error above. Even after telling the nodes to spawn in the regular player instead of the remote actor, this issue still occurs.
My most important scenes are in the scenes/player + scenes/networking folder. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Cant help myself since I am looking for Information on Multiplayer and VR multiplayer myself , however what you describe sounds similar to an issue I found answered in this video where he provided a work around.