I am making a custom node and cannot make each instance separate from one another

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I have made a plugin with a custom node. Got the custom node working well EXCEPT if I change a setting on one instance, it changes the settings on all of them.

The custom node loads a packed scene. The root of that scene has a script with some exported variables.

When I change some of those variables, it changes that value for all of them everywhere (including the scene inside the plugin folder). For instance, if I change the radius for one to 5, all of them now have a radius of 5.

I’ve mucked around with various “local” and “unique” settings, but to no avail.

Bottom line is that I have made a custom node, but I want every instance to be wholly unrelated to the others. No settings should affect other instances.

Any help would be appreciated. I have searched the docs, but I am missing it.

Best to post your code, or make a small demo project and share that.

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