I just compiled Godot 4.3-beta, what next?

Godot Version

Linux Version

6.6.36-1 LTS (Garuda Linux, XCFE)


So, everything is a success! I got scons, I pressed the compiled button and I turned over 20 million lines of source into my beautiful, personal toolbox executable for me to tinker with… What next?

I want to test some extending myself. I originally came this far though because I wanted to work with GDExtenstion with my actual favorite languages, D and Swift. Both of which have a GDExtension. I have read the documentation for the Godot Engine and I am a bit confused on how it works. I don’t even know how to use specifically those two extensions tbh, but I know that is out of scope.

I am on GCC 14.1.1 as my default, but I also clang version 17.

Semi-Related, I also want to build my own language and related tools for binding to Godot. I know, big aside. My question essentially is "What do I do if I want to test and use gdextension, the engine and submit changes back/forth? What resources are considered most and least important for me to read?

Annyway, glad to be a godotneer now! Please be nice, I am new here!


There’s not much material out there on GDExtension. Don’t be intimidated about reading the source code though.

It may help to use a bit of the official C++ GDExtension before diving into the D or Swift GDExtension. I haven’t tried the D or Swift GDExtensions yet, so this may not apply. The C++ GDExtension has a nice debugging experience with LLDB. AFAIK, you use LLDB with Swift too.

So, learning LLDB will definitely help.

I thought the SwiftGodot maintainer’s (Miguel de Icaza) talk was excellent. Miguel de Icaza has an impressive resume as well.

SwiftGodot really piques my interest. I’d like to use it in the near future.

One of the best resources is this forum. The https://godotforums.org is good too. Additionally, Godot Contributors Chat is great.

Could you expand on what you mean “submit changes back/forth”?

Thank you for the warm welcome! :blue_heart:
I greatly appreciate it and I am not in any rush. I am currently trying to use LLDB in general yeah.

I did see that talk as well! I thought it was very insightful and technical as well. I frequent it sometimes especially lately.

Just that if I can test and fix bugs! Nothing special! Other then Linux, I actually use Windows too but I havent tried compiling but I expect too many if anymore hoops there too.

Thank you for the reply :heart:

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That’s great! I wish you good luck on your Godot journey.

Here’s some resources that are on the nose, but important none-the-less: