I made a game where all typed letters fall with physics

App Preview 2

Hi there!
I finally managed to release my game Fall Words on Android and iOS. It was quite a challenge to release on iOS since I was making the game on Godot 4 and there are very few helpful plugins.

But when I just started (it’s my first ever game built from scratch) the main challenge was to create the typing system. I couldn’t use Label or TextEdit as I needed to make the letters physical objects. What I did to achieve the result:

  • I prepared scenes with each letter as a RigidBody in the root with Gravity Scale = 0
  • I find a position for the next letter to type (first it’s the start of the typing box but next it’s the half-width of the previous letter as counting goes from the center of the RigidBody + some margin)
  • After pressing a key button I initialize the needed scene with the corresponding letter and bind it to the position
  • After pressing Enter I set Gravity Scale to some value for all the letters

If you’d like to play the game you can find it here:
Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.burgumgames.fallletters
iOS - ‎Fall Words Physics Puzzle Game on the App Store

I would be happy to hear feedback from fellow godoters! :slight_smile: And if you like it please support my work by just leaving a review in the stores.

P.S. You can follow me on Threads - @artem_gumennikov


Fresh idea. A bit hard, but hey, it’s a puzzle game :slight_smile:

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thank you! yes but I’m thinking of implementing hints in some way

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Tons of fun and unique idea! I don’t mobile game often, so it’d be nice to throw a couple bucks at you to remove ads. But that just may be the landscape.

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That looks very cool!

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This looks fun

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This is different in a good way. Good job!

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Neat! Lacking a way out of the game that isn’t just closing the app, but the gameplay itself is pretty fun, and it’s a very unique idea. Also I wish it would show the level I was at right now, so I could tell you which one I got to :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy to hear that! I plan to implement in-app purchase to remove ads in the next versions.

Hey thanks for the feedback! What do you mean by a way out of the game? How do you usually close mobile app? :slight_smile:

is there no Main menu? where the player can exit and play? just curious…

I gave it a try. It’s fun and it runs very smooth. The tips did not helped me a lot to be honest and I did not had the patience to wait them to show, but if you think you can figure it out. After all this is a puzzle.

One thing that annoyed me a bit was the waiting when I failed. Maybe make the restart button bigger when is obvius that the user failed miserably :smiley:

It will be nice if I can see the current level number somewhere, not only when the level is completed.

And maybe show the letters from the last attempt grayed out somewhere or in the text bubble.

Other than that I think the game is ready.
Good luck!

Such a good idea, congratulations!