I need a multiplayer template or a GodotSteam guide

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I have created a lobby for my game, you can log in, log out, write a message and all this happens through Steam, I did a search and as I realized at this time between participants creates a P2P connection. Also I have a scene of the game world and characters and I would like to be able to from the lobby to run the game. Once clicked, players spawn and can interact with the world. The main problem is that I don’t know how to “soul” the player scenes and synchronize them, I have in the game world MultiplayerSpawner and the character MultiplayerSynchronaizer, but for some reason it seems to me that it only works when using the built-in MultiplayerAPI Godot. Anyway, I’m hoping to find someone who can open my eyes to this GodotSteam extension

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since the godotsteam addon specifies a global p2p class for sending packets (send_p2p_packet) I think you should be able to define your own packet peer to then utilize the MultiplayerAPI. There are many ways to do this (e.g. Godotextensions), but i think an easier approach would be to utilize the PacketPeerExtension class which lets you override the basic functions of the packetpeer the Godot MultiplayerAPI intefaces with You would fill this with godotsteam code if you want to use their game servers.

See packetpeer for function documentation