I want to add a lava lake in my 2d game

Godot Version
3.6 beta


I want to add a lava lake in my game but I am using lava tiles so I have to use a tilemap so I made the tilemap the parent of area2d node so that I can catch the signals from area2d but I have to have another collision for area2d but I already set collision in my tiles so is there any way to remove the collision



you can change type Lava Area2D for Lava Node2D

But I have to detect signals that’s why I need area 2d

you write that you want to get rid of CollisionShape in Area2D, so I understood it. and you want detect the collision in the tilemap… but Area2D needs the CollisionShape…

Leave it as it is, it works for you and you don’t need to use the collision in the tileset for the lava…

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