I want to create a camera for my top down 2d game

Godot 4

hi. I’m currently making a top down game and need a camera system for my map. The map is more or less divided up into individual rooms of varying sizes similar to something like a zelda dungeon. when ever the player enters a room, I want the camera to operate within the bounds of that specififc room. When the player leaves a room and enters the bounds of another room , I want the camera to then switch to operate within the bounds of the newly entered room (again similar to zelda). I’m thinking about using Area 2ds to accomplish this however trying to find camera tutorials for godot 4 that fit my needs has been pretty unsucessful. any ideas?

use limit_left, limit_right, limit_top and limit_bottom.

if you want to position the camera i recommend using offset.

and zoom to zoom in and out