I'm getting this error where my player scene is gone and the project crashes idk what is happening (I'm new to programming + I'm on my phone)

Ps: player scene is not gone the children in it are (i.e collisionshape, timers and all that) also I can’t open my player scene it shows ‘invalid something’ idk

Weird stuff can happen with scene files. If you can, open the tscene file in a text editor and see if you can spot anything wrong with it.

It’s also best if you work with something like git, so you can roll-back to older versions.

Good luck.

Well I’m new to all this but what’s a git and how do I use it? (It seems useful for a situation like now)

GIT is version control system. You will need to search out some tutorials to learn how to use it.

The errors you are getting are indicative of you having manually moved files around and/or changed file/folder names.
If that is the case you are going to have to edit some files to correct links.

I would start with the player scene. On a desktop you right click on the player.tscn file and select ‘fix dependencies’.
It is also possible to do this manually by opening the player.tscn file in a text editor and verifying each file path that you find inside.
I’m sorry but I have no idea how to do this from a phone.

Game programming on a phone…what a world we live in now.

Thanks for the detailed answer now I think I learnt something new again, well yes the world is rapidly changing :dove: