Implementing streaming audio (as in Radio, not just streaming source)

Godot Version

Godot 4


I’m looking to implement a car radio that pulls from an actual web streaming radio station. My searches for auto streams just tends to pull up the traditional audio streams within Godot. What I’m looking to do is to play a .m3u within Godot on player input.

Has anyone tried something like before? What is the best way of thinking about it or searching for it?

I haven’t attempted this but I think what you would have to do is, and since that an m3u is actually just a URL internally to some sort of web streaming, You may be able to get Godot’s HTTPClient to start streaming the encoded audio. then you would have to take that stream data and decompress it and put it into an audio streamer as raw data periodically. But if the audio stream player can do the decompression for you you can skip the decoding part.

It seems like Godot could support mp3 and oggvobis decoding, then you would use an AudioStreamMP3/OggVorbis to feed data that is downloaded by the HTTPClient.

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