Improving godot graphics

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Hello! I’ve been looking how to improve godot graphics, and except of demos and some not-in-my-case videos. So, can someone help me with this? I am looking for some solution about creating some good-looking environments, maybe how to use multiple environments for one scene, etc.

That’s a very general question, so forgive my rather general answer. It might be better drilling down to more specific questions to get better answers from the community. Both lighting & shaders can have a huge impact on the look of your finished game. Shaders can add so much, like wind rippling through grass, but they are much easier to talk about in terms of a specific use cases. Lighting is very fun to play around with. For example, if you’re going for something atmospheric, learning to use rim lighting well can really sell it. For something more open world, the World Environment node has a lot of lighting settings to play around with. A lot of the photorealistic demos I’ve seen are using 3D photoscan assets along with very careful use of lighting. But keep in mind, the more high fidelity you are aiming for, the more work you will be giving yourself. You have to balance graphics with what’s possible in a reasonable amount of time with the resources you have.