Interaction with objects on the hot panel

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I’m a beginner and I’m trying to implement a system for interacting with items in the hot panel menu, but nothing comes out. The action is triggered for all elements. I tried to create a database of items, but also unsuccessfully. Does anyone know how to implement this? I will be grateful.

There’s not enough information. Post your code, screenshots, scene structure,… explain your problem and what you tried so far.

What exactly do you mean by “hot panel menu”? Can you provide some code and/or screenshots?

In this video, everything is like mine, but instead of animated particles, I tried to implement the item database system

That’s how I changed it. Then I created a node and a “Database” script and tried to make each element work with its own scripts when using

The bottom panel (Hotbar). I’m trying to make a system of interaction with each subject separately. For example, this is a block and it can be installed or a sword that can be hit. I thought it could be implemented through a database of things, but it doesn’t work.

How can I implement an action with objects in the hot panel? Actions are triggered for all elements