Invalid get index 'postion' (on base: 'Node3D')

I was following this tutorial on how to set up a first person game was following the code even checking to make sure I had the lines at the right numbers but after i put in this one code the game kept crashing while getting no errors be pointed out in the code besides the (Topic title) when I launch.

I am new to coding

here is the code

You have a typo somewhere, as the error says “postion” instead of “position”. It would be easier to find if you post a formatted code, not a screenshot.

I had trouble copying the code onto here, without it doing stuff to the text

Look for ''postion" in your code and correct it.

When posting code, you can use three backsticks to wrap the code and format as code, it will be much easier to read.

Thank you guys so much, I was this clueless. that fixed it

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