Invoking a method from a client to another client

Godot Version



I’m trying to get a grasp on multiplayer networking in godot so I have a simple 3D scenario two animated players and basic movement. The only piece that isn’t working is that I have it so when a player “attacks” another player I want it to call the take_damage() method that exists for the other player so that it then plays an animation.

Directly calling the method doesn’t seem to quite work. I’ve debugged it and it does seem to call the method correctly for the victim, but the animation just simply doesn’t play. If I change the target to be the attacker, it plays just fine. Both entities are the same type of node. Other animations, like walking, jumping, attacking are also playing fine for both clients, the only thing I can figure is this one isn’t working because it’s the only one that gets involved from the opposing client.

Do I need to do some kind of rpc call for something like this? I’m not sure why this isn’t working, I’ve done this same pattern for dozens of projects.

Also I apologize if some of my terms are off, I’m new to godot and I don’t have any code to show at the moment because I’m on my phone. Let me know if what I’m asking isn’t clear.