Is it possible to re-parent a node without removing it from the scene tree?

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In my game I’d like to change a node’s parent. Right now I’m using remove_child, and add_child on the next code line, but some functionalities break when this node is freed and waiting to be added.

There is reparent().
But I’m not sure if it won’t break things for you.

reparent() shouldn’t break anything. I use it extensively.

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It’s worth noting that (under the hood) reparent is just doing remove_child and add_child as well. So if @AndrewGrimm had “some functionalities break” before, using this function likely won’t fix any of that.

That being said, remove_child will also not free the node (as Andrew claimed) and if you call add_child immediately after there should be no “waiting to be added” either. Bottom line: It would really help to know what exactly your code is doing!

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