ItemList control node; lacks/lacking customization of list items (It's only Icon/Text items)

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IMO, the ItemList node is too limited, in that it only allows a simple, unchangeable type that has an icon and/or name.
I am aware of the fact that set_item_metadata exists. I would love it if this ‘default type’ can be overridden, especially by extending the ItemList class itself if needed.
(So far, I had been actually reading into their cpp code on github to figure out the functionality better. Even then, I lack cpp skills and it would obviously take time to implement this myself, when I could get to game making instead… lol)

In layman terms: Custom (Selectable) List Objects for the ItemList Control Node, instead of just an Icon/Text by default

i believe it’s intended to be just a simple and concrete-base kind of item list, not really for inventory that support drag drop, hover click, button ,etc

i agree it needs improvement, but for now people creates their own inventory system anyway

Story of my life, i suppose XD
Yead, I had been doing that too, but it’s starting to get a little messy in my head… and in the code too, lol.
It really doesnt help as well though, that in order to understand the underlying functions of what I want to extend off, especially if it isnt listed or detailed properly in the docs, that i did end up actually looking through the ItemList.cpp and its header file on Github, and as organized as it is to understand, it is taking time to just get back to familiarity with C++, as well as perhaps even going deeper into how the engine actually works.

I suppose that’s the next thing then, wouldn’t it be better to have more built-in components, but written in gdscript, and keeping the focus of gdscript into its core functionality then?.. maybe i have a better way to phrase that ^^’

someone had the same idea as you

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