Make a 2D Action & Adventure RPG in Godot 4


I am actively working on a tutorial series covering how to build a top down 2D ARPG.

The tutorial series covers Godot 4.x, uses GD Script, and a pixel art 2D style.

I currently have 9 videos in the series, and am planning/working on more!

E01 // Make a Basic Top Down Character
E02 // Player Idle & Walk Animations
E03 // Player State Machine
E04 // Tilemaps and Tilesets
E05 // Create a Player Attack State
E06 // Hit & Hurt Boxes
E07 // Addressing Issues
E08 // Auto Camera Limits
E09 // Make a Slime Enemy I

Additionally, I have put together an page where I am uploading all the assets used in the tutorial series:
2D Action and Adventure Tutorial Assets by Michael Games


Looks interesting! I will watch tonight.

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Just finished the latest video in the series:

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