May we get a Visual-Shader node like ComfyUI ?

Godot Version


After trying it several times, I feel that Visual-Shader is only suitable for some simple rendering parameters. When encountering more complex functions, the leads often cross each other, and it is difficult to quickly find the required parameters. These poor experiences make using Visual-Shader much less fun. Perhaps adding some new features can make the Visual Shader experience better.
  1. Add a Reroute node to organize the complex node workflow interface
  2. Change the node color to facilitate classification of each node
  3. Note the node name to facilitate parameter search.
  4. Right-click to bring up the menu, and left-click on a blank space to close the menu.
    For a newbie, my understanding of Visual-Shader is still very limited. If the current version can realize these functions, please give me some advice.

Hey, good news :slight_smile:
(1). shouldn’t be too hard to implement and is definitely planned.
(2). is being worked on (you can follow the progress here: Redesign the graph editor for visual shaders by Geometror · Pull Request #85017 · godotengine/godot · GitHub).
Could you elaborate on (3).? I’m not exactly sure what you mean.
(4). is a nice idea that might go well with some other mouse/shortcut related tweaks I have planned.
Thanks for the feedback!