Minimap for procedurally generated tilemap

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hello, I was trying to make a minimap to a procedurally generated tilemap, but I just can’t do it…
anyone have an idea? I’m using the Gaea addon

I would take a step back and do procedural generation without any addons.

Procedural generation fundamentally generates data, which is stored somewhere. Then you read the data and create nodes/tilemap tiles/whatever to visualize that data. Whether you visualize it into the “proper” map or a minimap in the corner is trivial.

Right now it seems like you don’t fully grasp how the data is stored and how it’s being used. Implementing a simple prodecural generation thing would hopefully make it clearer. After that whatever Gaea does would be easier to understand and integrate into your own project.

Remember, in computer programming there is only data and operations done on data. If there’s a map the data for it has to be stored somewhere, even if it’s hidden inside a bunch of classes (this is called abstraction😉)

Good luck!

use subviewportcontainer with subviewport and with camera2d in it. aim the camera to the map, and so you have minimap