Moving clones behind character to simulate fast running

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I have a fast run button where the character is moving very fast. I want to show some clones behind the character (like from The Flash, Mega Man X etc.) while in this state. Has anyone an idea how I can do this without using extra sprites for it?
Especially: When the character is jumping in this state, the clones have to jump to (but a bit later).

Without knowing too much about your project from your description (I assume now it’s 3D) you can duplicate the character mesh and transform it a bit behind as well as assign a different material on top so it looks like an after-image.

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You mean that in the game, when the character’s speed is very fast, there will be a ghost following behind the character?

If you want to track the actions of each character, I suggest creating an additional Node to record each action of the character, and then changing its shader to achieve this.

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Thanks I ll try this