Multimeshes How to Share Resource Meshes?

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Is there any way to reference a mesh in another file? Like: "res://somepackedscene.tscn::palm_tree/coconut/mesh" ?

The problem is that the Multimesh is very keen to duplicate meshes and dump all that data into your scene files - the bloat is real!

Or any other techniques? I’d just like to share mesh data as much as possible.

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Would saving the MultiMesh resource to disk help?


The problem lies in the way that a Multimesh refers (points) to a Mesh resource.

I’m not 100% sure this is what you mean, but I ended up cobbling this together (in an autoload) from various nuggets of information for the purpose of creating multi meshes. See if it helps.

func extract_mesh(n:Node) -> Mesh :
	var result
	if n is MeshInstance3D:
		result = n.mesh
		for c in n.get_children():
			result = extract_mesh(c)
			if result:
	return result

Instantiate a model, then pass it to this routine, you get back the first mesh it comes across in the hierarchy, which you can then put into the MultiMesh mesh value.

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Barrybaz, thanks for that thoughtful post. I am doing exactly that at the moment, but I save the meshes to .tres files instead so that the Multimeshes get a pointer to a resource file. I did this so that I can open my scenes and all the meshes are just there by default.

Your suggestion of a just-in-time in-ram kind of trick will bear some thought. I am making a tool, so the lifecycles of things gets weird.

Thanks over all!