Multiplayer Synchronizer Not Syncing/Detecting Authority

Godot Version



Hello, I just seem to be having troubles with the Multiplayer Synchronizer. I am trying to sync the number of players currently connected to the lobby to all peers. The server displays the correct number of players but the peers only display 1 player connected. I assume this is due to either me using the Multiplayer Synchronizer node incorrectly, or I have set up the multiplayer peers/authority in the wrong way. Thanks for any help and below are the images of the relevant parts of the project.

^Main Menu Script sets up multiplayer^

^Player Script with Connected Players Count that displays to the screen (which must be the same for each player)^

^Multiplayer Synchronizer with correct exported synced property^

If it helps, here are the paths for Main and Player

Main, where Multiplayer Spawner spawns players underneath CanvasLayer: