MultiplayerSynchronizer is unable to process the pending spawn!

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Hey there!
Hope you are all doing great!

I am currently trying to implement multiplayer for my 2d game and am following this tutorial:

All works well until I try to set a player_id and the multiplayer authority on my MultiplayerSyncronizer.

I’ll skip the (I hope) not important code parts.
So basically I have a script that adds players to the game and creates a server:

func _add_player_to_game(id: int):
	print("Player %s joined the game!" % id)
	var player_to_add = multiplayer_scene.instantiate()
	player_to_add.player_id = id = str(id)

	_players_spawn_node.add_child(player_to_add, true)

I have a Player script that should set the player_id and authority like this:

@export var player_id := 1:
		player_id = id

And I get this error:

E 0:00:03:0886   on_replication_start: The MultiplayerSynchronizer at path "/root/World/Players/200348540/PlayerSynchronizer" is unable to process the pending spawn since it has no network ID. This might happen when changing the multiplayer authority during the "_ready" callback. Make sure to only change the authority of multiplayer synchronizers during "_enter_tree" or the "_spawn_custom" callback of their multiplayer spawner.
  <C++ Error>    Condition "pending_sync_net_ids.is_empty()" is true. Returning: ERR_INVALID_DATA
  <C++ Source>   modules/multiplayer/scene_replication_interface.cpp:247 @ on_replication_start()

I have a MultiplayerSpawner and a Node where he spawns them as well as the scenes set that the Spawner should create and it works fine for the host, but as soon as I try to join with the second player, the error above appears.

This is my MultiplayerPlayer setup.

It looks like it tries to set the player_id to 1 every time even tho I get a unique multipalyer ID.

I have no idea how to fix it and been struggling with this for the past 3 hours, does anyone of you maybe have an idea? I saw others struggling with this too but couldn’t find a solution yet.

Thank you very much!

I followed that tutorial and tweaked it a bit got it working well, your error is strange tho cause it complains about the PlayerSynchronizer not the InputScynchronizer, do you use your PlayerSynchronizer anywhere in your script?? it should be there only to sync different variables from server to client

Order of the MultiplayerSynchronizer nodes are significant. Put the PlayerSynchronizer ABOVE the InputSynchronizer.

I also created a video of common issues that cause this (and other things) if this doesn’t work for you:

There’s actually an open issue about this, you can find it linked in the below video description (I can’t post more links right now)