Multiple 3D animations in one track

Godot Version




I am dealing with a 3D model where I have multiple animations in one track. I could just play the desired parts by seeking and checking whether the position is over, but is there either a way to define a “subanimation”, or to cut out parts of the animation track and save it as a new track?

Thanks in advance

In the AnimationPlayer there’s a ‘Duplicate’ option under the ‘Animation’ button. So you can create a new animaion from it then remove the keyframes you don’t need, reduce the size, etc…

Maybe check out the AnimationTree node? You can play animation tracks from a different AnimationPlayer, that’s the closest to subanimation without a tree.

Yeah, you can cut out part of the animation or cut it into clips:

Looks like the documentation is a bit outdated and in 4.2 you can cut multiple tracks.

Thank you very much, I’ll take a look at those options!