My curves in Godot 4 look very strange

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My curves in Godot 4 look very strange, I haven’t found anything that can solve the problem, can anyone help?

If possible, upload a video on it

This, but I would also show what nodes are you using and their parameters, is this 2D or 3D, are you lofting a mesh on a path/curve or using the line node?

It almost looks like some LOD issue on the lofted curve, or the mesh you are lofting.

I would also try the same thing in the 4.2.2 stable to see if it’s a beta thing.

The curve seems to shake while I zoom or move something, including path2d as well (the node I used to create the curves).

I’m using path2d to create the curves and then applying them to line2d, it’s 2D and I’m using the line node. I just tested it on godot 4.2 and it’s working as expected:

I discovered that what was causing this was the snap 2d vertices to pixel option

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