Name with add_child script not same with original name

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guys, I’m still learning and want to spawn a scene that I’ve created with the add_child script, but the spawned name is not the same as the original name. I want to organize the names like laser, laser2, laser 3 but the result is area2d 2, area2d 3… how can I do that?

A node is given a random name when it is instantiated at runtime.

If you want it to have specific names, then give it specific names. You didn’t provide any code, so I assume:

var laser = laser_scene.instantiate()
add_child(laser) = "MyLaser4" # give it a name here
laser.position = Vector2(42, 69)

The given name must be unique per siblings.

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Yeahh!! it works thanks :slight_smile:

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