Need Help for Collisions problem between TileMap and CharacterBody2D

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Hello everyone,

I’m having a problem with collisions in my Godot project and I hope you can help me resolve it. (I am a very beginner)

Description of the problem :
I set up a scene with a TileMap and a CharacterBody2D. I have correctly configured the collision masks and collision layers so that the tiles and character interact, but the collision between them is not happening as expected. I’ve checked the collision settings on all involved nodes and can’t seem to find what’s wrong.

What I have already tried:

Check collision masks and collision layers on tiles and character.
Check the collision shapes and their positions.
Check associated scripts to see if they interfere with collisions.
Simplify the scene to isolate the problem.
Despite my efforts, the collision between the TileMap and the CharacterBody2D does not occur correctly. Is there anything I might have missed or another aspect I should check?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

what is the question here?

nevermind there’s collision shape just so small

show me your characterbody2d code, did you accidentally removed the move_and_slide() code

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Love you dude, I’ve removed the move_and_slide() ! THANKS !!!

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