Need Help for flickering light (horror game)

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i try to make an small short horror game, I’m still new in GD script and there is no other tutor for flickering light other than 4 years old video… can someone give some example how to do it,… i watch a tutorial that using child(timer_tween) but the line error said there supposed to be child(Node).

Thanks before

You can use an AnimationPlayer node, and then you can use the visual animation editor to make the flicker effect.

Add an AnimationPlayer node to your light. Then add an animation track that targets your light, and select the light_energy property. Set the animation to autoplay and loop. When you add keys to the animation, the key value will change the light’s energy.

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well yeah godot 3 has its own Tween Node, we dont have it now for Godot 4
to make a tween, use var tween= create_tween().bind_node(self)

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Thank you, it seems the simple way and not complicated, I will try this.