Need help with emission material not exporting properly! [Blender]

Exported from Blender .gltf / .glb – Godot Version 4.2.2


So I was modelling a ping pong (table tennis if you wanna be like that) paddle that had a little glowy thing cuz I didn’t know what to put in those empty spaces really. I just thought it was cool I guess.

Anyway, I managed to complete the model in Blender and was exporting it using the .gltf format – the format that Godot recommends since it has the most features compared to the other formats like .dae.

So I exported it and imported it into my scene. The textures and model was fine, but the glowing object (emission material) failed to load in properly [see image for reference].

Is there something I should be checking before exporting? Or is there another format I can export to which can keep the full model in tact?

Expected outcome:

Actual outcome:

I guess that’s what we’re talking about:

Blender versions older than 3.2 do not export emissive textures with the glTF file. If your model uses one and you’re using an older version of Blender, it must be brought in separately.

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Probably worth tweaking that as a surface material override in Godot. Emissives actual look depend on a lot of lighting and environment factors that probably will not match between Blender and Godot.

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