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Hi All,

Let me share you a set of addons I have recently released. It’s called netfox and it’s a set of addons built to help you with your online multiplayer games.


  • :timer_clock: Consistent timing across multiple machines
  • :desktop_computer: Supports client-server architecture
  • :butter: Smooth motion with easy-to-use interpolation
  • :dash: Lag compensation with Client-side Prediction and Server-side Reconciliation
  • 🛜 Bullet-proof connectivity with noray integration

netfox is built with online, server-authoritative games in mind, where the server acts as the source of truth, and players only submit their inputs.

This comes at the cost of some input latency, since players have to wait for the server to respond with a new state after the input. To compensate, netfox implements rollback, in the form of RollbackSynchronizer, similar to Godot’s built-in MultiplayerSynchornizer


You can:

If you’re just starting, download the netfox addon, and then read the docs to see what the other addons do.


docs | Forest Brawl

Docs are hosted as a dedicated site on Github pages for each addon, including tutorials to get you started, guides to explain each system on a deeper level, and a few concept docs to explain design decisions.

In addition, the repository contains multiple examples, including a full, open-source game called Forest Brawl, both so you can refer to some game mechanics already implemented, and for myself to ensure that netfox has a pleasant developer experience.


submit an issue

At the time of writing, I am working on an online multiplayer co-op survival game, that is powered by netfox. This means that the addons are used and checked against a bigger project, and any improvements I make during the development are backported to netfox.

In addition, I am regularly setting aside some time to improve netfox, based on the issues submitted.

Overall I’d love to hear your feedback, and I hope that you can build some awesome stuff with it too. I’ve been wanting to build multiplayer games for years, and after a while I’ve decided to just build the tools myself.

Also let me know if you have any questions or if you’re stuck with some netfox feature and I’ll be happy to help as soon as I have some time!


Hey, I long wondered how to best approach multiplayer and this looks really nice!
Checked the docs and the further references, I got more and more interested at it, but it might be a while until I can get something up to try this out, can’t wait though.
I hope I can help eventually but I’d better familiarize with the codebase first.
Thanks a lot for the amazing work!


Hey, hope you can build something cool with it! :slight_smile:
I think the example game can be a good cheat sheet for laying out your mechanics.

Also, feel free to shoot questions my way, whether it be about networking in general, the repo codebase, or anything inbetween :slight_smile: