New to godot and dont know where to start

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I’d like to create a zelda-like pixelated action RPG and was wondering where i should start in that journey and would like a basic roadmap to guide me through the process of making the game and learning about the engine and the programming language

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Hi! I’m new too! I found this app that teaches you GDScript, it opens Windows Terminal for some reason but I don’t think it’s a virus. Here’s the link!


Id suggest to start by movement, moving around a simple character top down then adding more and more features as you learn and get comfortable.

  1. reading input and moving a square (top down movement)
  2. tilemap, tileset
    and from there you will add feature by feature.

This could be a good start: [Grid-based movement :: Godot 4 Recipes](https://KidsCanCode - Grid Movement)

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