New to godot, need help with clicker game

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I'm brand new to godot, and am trying to figure out how to make a simple clicker game just to start out, and idk how to make clickable objects, my main priority is learning vr but this project is 2d.

you meant like cookie clickers?
or tap tap heroes?
depends on how you wanted the buttons to be like
but, usually it’s just button that fire signal when pressed

  1. There is no “simple” clicker game, contrary to popular belief, they are actually pretty involved in the math and data structure areas.
  2. Start by using the GUI Button. Look at how Themes work in Godot so you have an easier time. I wasted quite a bit of time on things I wouldn’t have done if I knew about that. XD

yeah, i just transitioned from scratch and just dunno how objects work so i assumed clickers would be easy, good to know.

I’d say the easiest kind of game to make in Godot would probably be a scrolling shooter like Galaga.