New to Godot. Where to start?

I’m pretty new to Godot and programming in general. I’m wanting to make an interactive web diagram (I think that’s what it’s called) program. I’m not really sure where I should start learning. If it’s probably fine to start with this project or if I should start with learning Godot in general. I might try my hand at making a game sometime in the future if that changes anything. Any recommended tutorials to help me get started?

Search in YouTube that Godot first game, try to create this with watching the video, gain the idea/concept. Then see the Godot docs, try to answer your questions. Also
Brackeys started tutorial on Godot, you can check it here

I’ll take a look at those, thanks. Although I’m not looking to make a game at first. Unless that’s a better thing to get started learning Godot with.

Game dev is what you’ll find the most tutorials for, since Godot is, you know, a game engine (although it has been used for other things too).

Here’s a good tutorial about the basics of UI in Godot - it is, again, focused on games, but the same principles apply, so I think it will be useful to you:

Thanks. I thought to use Godot since I do want to make a game eventually.

The docs have a getting started section which is imho pretty helpful and have some small 2d and 3d game tutorials if you prefere reading: