No "mesh" button at the tool bar

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To be clear I’m really new to the godot engine, My problem when I’m trying to do 3d game by following yt tutorial but when I select CollisonShape3d node there’s no “Mesh” button that use to “create simplified convex collision sibling”
Do I need to change some config or there’s a way to do that but in the different place because I can’t really seem to find them.

yt example that it suppose to be but mine doesn’t have the “Mesh” button

As you can see in the screenshot it shows a MeshInstance3D, you need to select it, or make one if you didn’t do that correctly

sorry but I can only attach 1 pic because I’m a new user here’s mine pov

Yes, that’s the wrong type, you need to use a mesh instance, as the tutorial probably tells you, make sure you followed in detail

Oh I see now, sorry my bad :pray:

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It’s an easy mistake to make, the different node types are confusing when you start out

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