Node Name(GD script)

Godot 4

I want to have a door to trigger a scene change but there will be more than 1 door in 1 scene so I attached an area 2d to my player. This is my code. I tried to use the name of the instance to see what scene to connect it to. I need help for the solution I tried or one that would work for my situation; a different one.

maybe help :wink:

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Thank you. I’ll check if it works.


I dont think it will work as I am using instances of the same door scene

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these are two topics where similar things you write about here… just links

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I do not understand what you mean.

I meant that in those two threads very similar questions were discussed and maybe you would find answers there… just that’s why I posted it here

Ohh thank you for trying I might have just figured it out, if I find the function to see the name of the node the script is attached to.