OK i downloaded Godot opened the docs ... what now?

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“AWESOME!!! I can now make my DREAM GAME! … aaah merde i dont know how to script” Was my first reaction when i downloaded godot so i tried to get help on Discord “learn a Computer Science course” is what they said but … i do not have money so i opened the docs “WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL DOES ‘X **= Y’ MEAN?!” that was also my first reacion so i do not know how do i advance

although i have the bit of logic to piece something out so basically i need to know what everything does or any tips on what should i do to learn gdscript cuz i dont know bullshit nothing so its complicated

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Start with tutorials.

Find ones that relate to games you want to make. There are loads of them on YouTube.

I highly recommend also learning Blender 3D as having art skills, even basic ones are an asset. Also you will learn a lot about object properties like Position, Rotation and Scale.

Game Dev is a long hard marathon. Be prepared for a long, tiring slog down the road before you even get a sense of satisfaction out of it.


so basically i just need to find tutorials on youtube? what if i dont find them?? ooor what if i need to invent a new feature and theres no tutorials?

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he who seeks, shall find
let’s hope this isn’t trolling on your part

you don’t know GDScript but you would like to write a new function :thinking:


I started here :

I already had used a game engine before, and had a little coding experience, but the ‘making your first 2d game’ section (after you look at the others) is a good place to start.

EX74 linked you some more tutorials, those can help as well. But Godot’s own website does have a whole ‘learn’ tab. Godot Docs – 4.2 branch — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

There is more than just the 2d game and 3d game starting tutorials. For example I plan on looking at the animation tips later: Animation — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

as arkinum mentioned, there are also a lot on youtube, if you’d prefer video format.


this looks … less complicated from what i saw earlier all i have to say is thank you kind unknown people on the webs now i can at least make a single prototype of my game so yeh thanks

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by the way … do people actually troll pretending they dont know stuff? thats … weird

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do people actually troll pretending they dont know stuff?\

welcome to the internet.

also get good and creative at doing online searches. include ‘gdscript’ in your search query. example: gdscript move player

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The tutorials are more just to get a feel for what you can do with the engine and the various ways you can tackle a problem.

As you learn more, you can take parts of those tutorials and shape them to fit your project.

I had a very hard time trying to figure out how to make an inventory system with Tetris like functionality because I’m not that good at coding. I eventually overcame this problem with an uncanny solution by using raycast, colliders and some animationPlayer node magic.

There is always more than one way around a problem. Become as familiar as you can with your engine of choice so you can use it effectively to solve the various problems you will make for yourself. If you lack in some area (like coding), you can make up for it with creativity and wisdom.

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Start with a tutorial that will guide you through the whole process of the game creation in Godot. This is a good example.

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