OS.shell_open on linux?

Godot Version: 4.2.1 Stable - Mono

Hello! I’m attempting to create a LinkButton to link to my developer social accounts. I’m running Arch Linux, and the button doesn’t seem to work (Presumably because of Linux). Is there any way I could get OS.shell_open to work on Linux? Here’s The Code:

extends LinkButton

func _on_LinkButton_pressed():

Since you are using Linux, and specifically arch, if you type a uri on the command line does it open a browser?

It looks like kde and gnome are supported. Xdg is the default “agnostic”. do you use any of these that?

If I type the URI on the CLI, It does not open a link unless I prefix the web browser: Ex. firefox https://twitter.com

The shell_open command auto selects the application by pushing to the front. If you don’t use those desktop environments you may be out of luck without some involved environment checking to support your OS.

It uses execute under the hood.

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Whelp, Thanks for the help! Have a good day!

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