Pass InputEvent's to non-Godot window

Godot Version

v4.1.3.stable.official [f06b6836a]


I want to make an app be full screen with a transparent background so that it can do effects over whatever else is on screen. How would I make Godot pass unhandled InputEvents to whatever window is behind it. I want users to be able to still interact with other apps while this one is over the top. Thanks in advance.

why it has to be unhandled inputEvents if the control node with full rect can already get what kind of input the user tried to do?
there’s this mouse filter setting on any control node or its Inherited nodes, if the front full screen transparent blocking your input then turn the mouse filter to ignore

AFAIK your only option is to pass a polygon to the window where you want your events to be consumed by your app with Window.mouse_passthrough_polygon A limitation of this is that, on Windows, the part of the window outside the polygon won’t be rendered. This is not the case in Linux or macOS.