Passing variables from one scene to another

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What’s the best and cheapest way to pass variables from one scene to another, every frame, and back again if needed?

My use case is:

In Scene 1 the player moves on a flat plane. In this scene I convert the player’s coordinates (X,Z) to latitude/longitude as a Vector2

In Scene 2 I want to access this lat/long coordinate whenever it changes, or simply every frame.

I haven’t been able to get signals to work, and singleton seems too expensive.

If you’re using C#, a static class should work.
I don’t know if GDScript has an equivalent to static classes.

I don’t see what the problem is with Singletons either. Just keep the instance in memory and use it to pass variables around.

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GDScript for now.

Thanks, I went ahead and used a singleton. I was worried it would eventually slow performance, since I will be passing other lat/long coordinates back to Scene 1.

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