Position of my character when the master changes scenes

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Good afternoon

I’m new using Godot, but I’m learning.

I have a question regarding the position of my character when he changes scenes.

I’ll give an example to make it better:
I have a map of the city, and it has two houses, house1 and house2. However, inside house 1 there is a hiding place. As soon as you
enter it, through a collision area along with an enter_body. My character should be in front of the door at the coordinate (X = 100 and y = 150).
And when the character enters the hiding place, it should stay at the coordinate (x = 50 y = 75) which would be on the door side. However, when he comes out of hiding
he should exit at the coordinates ( x = 250 y = 400 ), but he continues to exit at the coordinates of the room1 entrance.
I also have doubts about leaving room1 and room2, because when the character leaves them, a scene change is performed, and the scene to be changed is the same, in this case the City.
I would like something that would allow my character to move to specific coordinates as soon as he changed scenes. But that had not been tied to the map node,
Because when the character leaves room1 and room2, he goes to the same map.

Sorry if it’s confusing, I’m using Google Translate, unfortunately I don’t speak English, I’m from Brazil.

change_scene_to_file will remove a ton of data from the game. Try saving the player’s position in a Autoload or to a file when they enter a building, then load it when they leave the building (i.e. main map load)