Problem with C# function not working properly

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As the title suggests my fps camera keeps going to its original rotation and stops me from looking around properly. I am trying to follow a tutorial where GDScript is being used and translate it to C#. I have no enough knowledge about programming to solve this to be honest and I must request your help. Here is the video of what is happening:

Here is the piece of code that takes care of the rotation of the camera:

public void _UpdateCamera(double delta)
mouse_rotation.X = tilt_input * (float)delta;
mouse_rotation.X = Mathf.Clamp(mouse_rotation.X, TILT_LOWER_LIMIT, TILT_UPPER_LIMIT);
mouse_rotation.Y = rotation_input * (float)delta;

	Transform3D newTransform = CAMERA_CONTROLLER.Transform;
	newTransform.Basis = Basis.FromEuler(mouse_rotation);
	CAMERA_CONTROLLER.Transform = newTransform;
	Vector3 newRotation = CAMERA_CONTROLLER.Rotation;
	newRotation.Z = 0.0f;
	CAMERA_CONTROLLER.Rotation = newRotation;
	rotation_input = 0.0f;
	tilt_input = 0.0f;

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Don’t bother replying people. I forgot a few plus signs. That’s it.

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