Rainbow Diamonds - My first Godot game, coming to Nintendo Switch

Hi all,

This is my first post here.

Some months ago I started to learn how to use Godot 4. I have been working to port a 2D platform game I already had, originally created with other game engine. I have rewrite the game from scratch using Godot 4 and GDScript. I have also been working to improve the game graphics.

After these months of work, I’m excited to announce that the game will be available on Nintendo Switch in a few hours (now for America’s territories and next week for Europe).

So basically, the game information is:
Name: Rainbow Diamonds
Genre: 2D platformer
Engine: Godot 4
Scripting language: GDScript
The game has 40 levels. The mission on each of them is to collect the diamonds that allow you to restore a rainbow you need to go to the next level.


Link (US Store): Rainbow Diamonds

Hope you like it and good luck for you all with your projects. It’s really exciting when you finally get your game published.



Wow, nice! I like the look :slight_smile: Why is there no trailer on the store page?

Did you port it by yourself to Switch?

Hi @trizZzle , thanks for your comment.

The trailer is only available on Europe (for instance, on the UK Store page). I need to make another video for USA and update the game page.

Regarding the switch port, not all the work is mine. I had a regular Godot project and with lot of help, I was able to run it on the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks again,

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